Wenfeng Tower

Wenfeng Ta Tianning Temple was originally called Tower, the original temple was built in Sui Ren Shou (601-604) years, the tower built in 2002, after Zhou Guangshun (952), have been more than a thousand years. Yuan, Ming and Qing three generations have rebuilt the tower. 1772 (Qing Emperor Qianlong 37), Ren Zhang Germany at the time (now Anyang) Huang Zhi Fu Bonnin, presided over the re-repair and Tianning Temple tower. He believes that the south tower and the Confucius Temple (Anyang City in this primary school in West Main Street) echoes, both on behalf of the ancient city of high culture, in Tap Mun banners on the title “Song Wen-feng Show”, describe a result of this Tower also named “Wenfeng Ta”, has been in use to this day. After the liberation, the People’s Government to carry out refurbishment of the two, side by side in Henan Province for the key cultural unit. Gao Wenfeng Ta 38.65 meters, 40 meters Taki perimeter. Zhuanshenmuyan. An octagonal tower of the round lotus pedestal, a total of 7-lianpan, staggered up and down, around stretch, for the tower, under the care tower, the tower Decorative more spectacular and beautiful. The five-level tower on the upper canopy out, bottom-up level increases. Each of the brackets and canopies are not the same. 1.80 Yantou Department of copper Murdoch, the breeze blowing, the jingling sound, in order to give the lofty sense of solemn and quiet. There are round with the top of the tower, Tasha. The tower around the lower body positive and have a, which is true for the south gate, for more than leave the door. The amount of tickets for the first door, brick Erlongxizhu image. 1.80 dragon are surrounded by dragon-chu, adding chain shackles, very spectacular. 8 Zhu between 8 story brick reliefs of Buddhist images: the south is for the Buddha 3; the southwest corner is like Foshui Fa Sakyamuni; to the west of the birth of Prince Siddhartha image; is a north-west corner of the Buddha Sakyamuni Snow ascetic as revised; as the Goddess of Mercy and the northern Shan Cai as the Dragon; the northeast corner of the Buddha is said to like the Heaven; to the east for a Sakyamuni as Daphne; evil thought the southeast corner of the Persian king and queen Shi Wen Buddhist law Like. These vivid relief modeling, realistic look, the natural attitude, life, is a rare art. Due south of the tower in front of a platform about 2 meters high. Gordon platform into the tower gate, along the 72 steps and hovering at the top of the tower. The top platform around one meter high around the parapet. Middle of the platform stands a high of about 10 meters in small gourd-like Tasha, general and Beijing’s Beihai Park is similar to small Baita.


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