School of Resources Environment and Tourism

Founded in 1991, the School of Resources Environment and Tourism now has 26 full-time teachers, including 12 professors and associate professors, 11 lecturers, 4 of whom have doctorates and 19 Mster’s degree. Besides, there are 3 doctoral students, and 4 part-time professors. At present 760 students are on campus majoring in 4 orientations. The school now has built 1 Animal Specimen Room and 5 labs, namely Geology and Topography, Soil and Biogeography, Hydrology and Environment, Tourism Management, Geographic Information Systems and the Catering and Room Service Simulation Laboratory, with a total value of experimental apparatuses of over 1.46 million. The school also has practicing bases for students majoring in Geography and Tourism in Lin Zhou, Lian Yungang, Anyang, Beijing, Shanghai and Zhengzhou.  It has established 1 web course, 1 Distinguished Course of the university level, and 1 Experimental and Teaching Demonstration Center at the university level.

Main Courses of orientation of Geography:
Physical Geography, Human Geography, Economic Geography, Surveying and Cartography, Remote Sensing Principles and Interpretation, Geographical Information System, Geography of China, World Geography, and so on.

Main Courses of Tourism Management (including orientations of Hotel Administration and Tourism Attraction Planning and Management):
Applied Economy
Principle of Management
Introduction to Tourism
Tourist Planning and Management
Tourism Firms Management
Hotel Management and Tourism Geography


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