School of Politics and Law

The School of Politics and Law has developed from the Department of Political Science and Law which was founded in the 1980s. The School offers:
 3 undergraduate programmes: Ideological and Political Education, Law and Administrative Management.
5 teaching and research sections: Politics, Philosophy, Theoretical Law, Applied Law and Administrative Management.
1 Legal Consultation and Service Center and
3 research institutes: Research Institute of Contemporary China, Research Institute of Logic, and Research Institute of Criminal Law.

The School has now 48 teachers, among whom 19 are professors and 8 associate professorsúČand 1100 students. Since 2001, it has accomplished 62 scientific programs, and has 12 monographs, 21 teaching materials and more than 300 dissertations published. Furthermore, it attaches importance to the cultivation and training of students’ innovations, practical abilities and comprehensive qualities, aiming to foster high quality talents.

Specialization: Ideological and Political Education, Law, Administrative Management
Core courses of Law   
Basic theory of criminal law
Constitutional law
Criminal law
Civil law
Economy law
Criminal procedure law
Civil procedure law
Administration procedure law
Core courses of Administrative Management:

Politics science
Management science
Administration science
Analysis of public policy

Core courses of Ideological and Political Education:
Conspectus of law
Political economy
Principles of ideological and political education

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