School of Music

School of Music has a teaching history of 30 years, with its first enrollment in 1980, during which it has accumulated many teaching traditions. It was one of the 17 pilot reforms for arts education run by the Educational Department, and now the national teaching unit for majors and minors in music and arts. With the development of the university from after2000, the school now has its strength in teaching and scale. The school has four teaching and research sections—musical theory, vocality, keyboard, and instrumental dance. The school now has a teaching staff 55,

 13 with senior title (1professor), 38 with medium title,24 postgraduates (2 candidates), 2 doctors (1 candidate), 5 returnees,1 academic leader accredited by theEducational Department of Henan province,2 provincial core young teachers, 1 modal young teacher. The college owns the musical building, piano building, music hall, digital piano room, computer composing room, dance room, multimedia room, library, and world-class brand Steinway grand piano and baby piano. The excellent condition ensures good teaching and produces a great many qualified graduates, who have made outstanding performance in their posts and gained wide appreciation. The chorus, dance team and concert band display the level and effect of a strong school.
The school has 2 majors — Musicology (educational) and Musical Performance. The new major of Piano Accompaniment was added in 2009.

The main courses for Musicology: Basic Theory of Music, Solfeggio, Harmony, Polyphonic Writing, Musical Form and Works Analysis, Vocality, Piano, Figure Training and Dancing, Chorus and Conductor, Music Pedagogy, Music Psychology.

The main courses for Musical Performance: Basic Theory of Music, Solfeggio, Basic Harmony, Composing, Musical Performance, Vocality, Figure Training and Dancing, Chorus and Conductor, Performance Practice.

The main courses for Piano Accompaniment: Solfeggio, Basic Theory of Music, Piano Performance, Numerical Notation Vamping, Works Analysis and Performance, Basic Vocality and Training.

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