School of Physics and Electrical Engineering

The School of Physics and Electrical Engineering, previously the Physics and Chemistry Teaching and Research Section of Anyang Teacher’s College, began its first recruitment of three-year diploma programme in Physics Education early from 1978. In 1992, the Physics Section changed its name to the Physics Department offering a new 3-year diploma programme in Applied Electronic Technology. Following the upgrading of Anyang Teacher’s College into Anyang Normal University, the Physics Department began to provide new 4-year bachelor programmes respectively in Physics (2001), in Electronics and Information Engineering (2002) and in Electrical Engineering and Automation (2006).  And 2009 saw the combination of the Physics Department and the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department into the School of Physics and Electrical Engineering. The School has now 48 staff members, among whom 42 are full-time teachers, 23 professors, 6 doctors and 18 masters. The school labs have a total building area of 6,010 square meters, hosting 3151 facilities and equipments with a total value of RMB 9,736,000.

The school currently offers Bachelor of Science degree programs in Physics, Electronics and Information Engineering, and Electrical Engineering and Automation.

Main Courses for Physics
Linear Algebra
Methods of Mathematical Physics
Theoretical Mechanics
Atomic Physics
Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
Quantum Mechanics
Solid State Physics
Physics Experiment
Modern Physics Experiment

Middle School Physics Teaching Theory
Basics of Computational Physics
Main Courses for Electronics and Information Engineering
Fundamental of Electric Circuit
Analogous Electronic
Digital Electronics
Signal and System
Principle and Application of Microcomputer
High Frequency Electronic Technology
Digital Signal Processing
Principle of Communication
Principle and Application of Single-Chip Microcomputer

Main Courses for Electrical Engineering and Automation
Electrical Machinery
Power Electronics
Circuit Theory
Circuit Experiment
Engineering Graphics
Fundamentals of Analogue Electronics
Fundamentals of Digital Electronic Technique
Microprocessor Theory and Interface Technique
Signal Analysis and Process
Automatic Control Theory
Fundamentals of Power System Analysis
Power System Protection Principle

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