School of Chinese Language and Literature

The School of Chinese Language and literature, one of those early established schools within Anyang Normal University, can date back to the Chinese Language Training Class of Anyang Teacher’s Instruction Institute founded in 1906. It began to accept its first cohort of diploma students from 1977. For the time being, the School collects 62 full time teachers among whom 14 are professors (excluding 7 retired ones), 18 are associate professors, 14 are doctors and 32 are masters.  Its staff has won many awards in the past years. Examples can be 1 National Outstanding Teacher, 1 National Model Teacher, 2 winners of Outstanding Normal University Teachers from Zeng Xianzi Education Foundation, 1 expert under the direct administration of Henan Provincial Government, 1 leading figure in academics and technology at the provincial level, 1 pacesetter in terms of teacher's moralities, 4 backbone teachers at the provincial level, 4 leading figures of academics and technology at the departmental level and 4 backbone teachers at the university level.

The School offers 4 undergraduate programmes as in Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature (with a stream in secretary), Teaching Chinese for Students of Other Languages, and Art of Broadcasting and Hosting with a total enrollment of more than 1200 students. The School falls into 7 specialized teaching and research sections, say, Teaching and Research Section for Chinese Ancient Literature, for Chinese Contemporary and ModernLiterature, for Literature and Art, for Lingusistics, for Chinese Language Education, for Secretary and OA and for Art of Broadcasting and Hosting, as well as 8 research institutes, namely, Research Institute for Collation of Ancient Books, for History of Chinese Literal Thoughts, for Chinese Classical Documents, for Chinese Ancient Novels, for Linguistics, for Chinese Modern Literature, for Chinese Contemporary Literature and for LU Xun and Chinese Culture.

The School has been actively promoting the construction of its specialized fields. On the basis of the traditional programme in Chinese Language and Literature, the School has opened its mind and constantly adjusted its thoughts on course delivery as to meet the requirements of the changing labor market. Then it began to provide additional programmes in Teaching Chinese for the Students of Other Languages, Art of broadcasting and Hosting, and Public Administration (secretary oriented) on the undergraduate level. Later, based on the practical needs, the BA Public Administration changed its name into BA Chinese Language and Literature (secretary oriented) and was well received in helping train senior secretaries for Henan Province and particularly for the various government departments, enterprises and ventures in the northern part of Henan Province.

The School has also achieved much in its disciplinary construction. Thanks to its effective efforts for years, it has got many awards not only at the provincial level (BA Chinese Language and Literature as a distinguishing course, BA Contemporary and Modern Literature of China as an elaborate course, and Chinese Ancient Literature as an outstanding subject) but also at the university level(BA Ancient Literature of China and BA Modern Literature of China as two key disciplines, Teaching Group for Chinese Ancient Literature as an Excellent teaching group, Modern and Contemporary literature of China and Modern Chinese Language as two elaborate subjects). Because of the fact that the School has paid more attention to its teaching and research, it has recieved many fruitful results and was listed as an outstanding institution not only by the provincial government but also by the University. In the past years, the teachers have over 200 teaching and academic theses published on those newspapers and magazines like Literary Comments, Literary Heritage, Literature, History and Philosophy, and Guangming Daily, and more than 30 academic monographs and course books printed. It also chaired or independently accomplished more than 40 projects from the government departments and bureaus, among which 2 are from the Planning Fund of China Social Sciences, 3 are from the Leading Group for China Ancient Book Collation, 2 are from Collation and Research Committee for China Ancient Books and 20 projects are from Henan Provincial Social Science Fund. It has also won over 10 outstanding teaching and research results from the provincial government and the Chinese Ministry of Education. 
The School is also engaged in the teaching and research of Teaching Chinese to foreigners in other countries. More than 10 teachers from the school are presently teaching Chinese language in USA, Singapore, Thailand and so forth. Meanwhile, the School is also teaching foreign students Chinese language on the university campus.

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