School of Foreign Languages

Founded in 1978, the School of Foreign Languages in Anyang Normal University consists of the English Department and the Japanese Department, with over 1700 students. With the talent-training principle of “solid basis, strong ability and emphasis on skills”, the School of Foreign Languages always focuses on teaching quality and disciplinary development, consolidating students’ academic foundations and extending their comprehensive capacity. In 2000, English Listening course and Comprehensive English course were respectively selected as Excellent Course of Henan Province and of Anyang Normal University. In 2008, College English course was selected as Top-Quality Course of our university and the English major ranked as one of the university’s best disciplines.
Our School enjoys superb teaching and research facilities, with 9 digital and network language labs, 3 multi-media classrooms, 6 micro-classrooms and one electronic lesson-preparation office. Our satellite-receiving system and foreign language radio station offer beneficial opportunities for our students. Our reference library houses over 20 kinds of academic journals home and abroad as well as 8000 books.

At present, our school has 108 professional teachers, including 4 professors, 16 associate professors, 1 “Excellent Teacher”, and 10 PhD students, forming a teaching group with young teachers as the main body. Structure of teachers’ academic degrees and professional titles becomes more and more reasonable with wide development space. Since 2000, the faculty of our school has undertaken over 100 research projects (4 provincial ones), published 10 books of translation and academic research, 40 teaching materials, as well as over 500 papers on domestic journals. We have invited famous scholars from America, Britain and Singapore to make lectures. Our professors and experts also make academic visits and communication home and abroad.

Main courses of English Department include: English through Video and Speaking, Oral English, Extensive English Reading, Comprehensive English, Advanced English, English Writing, Translation, Linguistics, British and American Literature, English Pedagogy, Brief Survey of English-Speaking countries, Second Foreign Languages.

Main courses of Japanese Department include: Japanese through Video and Speaking, Oral Japanese, Extensive Japanese Reading, Basic Japanese, Japanese Grammar, Japanese Writing, Translation between Chinese and Japanese, Linguistics, Brief Introduction of Japan, Second Foreign Languages.

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