School of Mathematics and Statistics

The earlier establishment of the School of Mathematics and Statistics is the Mathematics Section founded in 1978, and it was changed into the Mathematics Department after 2000 when the university launched normal coursed education. In 2007 it gained the name of School of Mathematical Sciences, and was renamed the School of Mathematics and Statistics in 2009.

The school at present has 54 teaching staff, including 52 full-time teachers, 3 professors, 7 associated professors, 1 doctor and 29 postgraduates. Among the full-time teachers, those with senior titles account for 19%, and those with MA degree account for 56%. The school also hosts 5 adjunct professors, 2 academic leaders accredited by the Educational Department of Henan province, 1 national prominent teacher, 1 excellent expert in Anyang, and 1 model teacher of the university.

The school now has 2,000 square meters for teaching and office, 2 labs, and 129 equipments with a value of 442,290 RMB.

The school has three majors—Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computing Science, and Statistics. The main courses for Mathematics and Applied Mathematics are Mathematic Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations, Complex Functions, Probability Theory, Modern Algebra, Real Analysis, Functional Analysis, Higher Geometry, Differential Geometry.

The main courses for Information and Computing Science are: Mathematic Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Ordinary Differential Equation, Probability and Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Computing Methods, Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations, Algorithms and Data Structures, Introduction to D-base System, Mathematic Models.

The main courses for Statistics are: Mathematics Analysis, Advanced Algebra, Theory of Probability, Mathematic Statistics, Stochastic Process, Regression Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Multivariate Statistics Analysis, Nonparametric Statistics, Statistic Models, Analysis of Data.

The school hosts 720 students, and has 1 provincial quality course, 2 provincial good courses, 1 collegial quality course, 2 collegial good courses, and 1 collegial best teaching team. In 2008 it was recognized as the advanced unit for collegial “quality course”. After 2000 the teachers have published nearly 300 articles in professional magazines at home and abroad, written over 30 monographs and textbooks, and completed 4 National NSFC programs and 9 provincial NSFC or programs for tackling key problems in science and technology.

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