School of Fine Arts

The predecessor of the School of Fine Arts is the Teaching and Research Section for PE, Music and Fine Arts, founded in 1951. In 1986 the Arts Department was founded with two short-cycle courses as Fine Arts and Music, and changed into the Art Center in 1996, with two departments as Fine Arts and Music. The year 1998 saw the independence of the Fine Arts Department with two majors as Fine Arts Education and Art Design. The name was again changed into the Department of Fine Arts with three majors as Fine Arts, Art Design and Photography. In 2007 it was officially renamed as the School of Fine Arts, presently including seven Teaching and Research Sections ( Foundation of Fine Arts, Theory of Fine Arts, Chinese Painting, Oil Painting, Art Design and Animation, Photography, and Art Practice), four normal courses ( Fine Arts, Art Design—Graphic and Environment, Animation—multimedia video art, and Photography), and six specialist fields. It jointly operates Fine Arts Education and Art Design with the University of Plymouth in UK, the Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College and the Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology in Malaysia. It also runs a five-year junior college with three short-cycle courses. It hosts more than 1,700 students in short-cycle and normal courses. In 1992 the major of Fine Arts Education was recognized by the Ministry of Education as a unit for “pilot reform in Arts Education Major in nationwide colleges”.

The School of Fine Arts now owns a modern teaching building with over 12,000 square meters, including which 500 for exhibition and 300 for display. There are Tianguang Studios, multimedia teaching rooms, labs for computer design, studio and photography, filming animation, stop-motion animation, workshops for engravings and sculpture, and a library. It is also equipped with modern facilities, such as large cine editor, NLT, Horseman, Sony VC, and Nikon camera.

Main courses for Art Design
Sketch, Realistic Painting, Basic Decoration, Basic Composition, Layout Design, Logo Design, CI Design, Commercial Photography, Planar Drawing, Environmental Art Design, CAD, Poster Design, Package Design, Chinese Industrial Art History,  Penmanship.

Main Courses for Fine Arts
Sketch, Coloring, Chinese Painting, Oil Painting, Computer Design, Basic Design, Chinese Fine Arts History, Foreign Fine Arts History, Conspectus of Art, Chromatics, Perspective and Dissection for Art.

Main Courses for Animation
Basic Composition, Basic Computer Skills, Basic Painting, Television Ad Design, Pattern Design, Character Design, Techniques of Photography, CI Design, Ad Design, POP Design, Visual Communication Design, Webpage Design, Graphic Animation Design, 3D Animation Design, Planar Design software, Animation Introduction, Animation Motion Regularity,  Television Animation, Animation Picture Analysis, Animation Techniques and Design.

Main Courses for Photography
Basic Fine Arts and Design, Communication Studies, Culture Introduction, Basic Photography, Basic Videography, advertisement photography, portraiture photography, Landscape photography, special topics photography, Darkroom, digital photography, Digital Darkroom, TV Camera, 3D Animation Design and Production, Television Pictorial Language, Television Program Designing, TV Ad Creation, non-linear editing.

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