School of History and Social Development

The School of History and Social Development grew out of 1979’s Politics and History Section, which, in 1989, was changed into Politics and History Department, and in September 2001, was changed into Department of History. In January 2007, it was given the title School of History and Social Development, accompanied with the project of Replacing Department with School. The School now consists of 3 disciplines for undergraduates—History, Social Work, and Sociology---as well as a Five-Year Study Program. About 1,000 full-time students are studying in the School. The School attaches great importance to Quality Project and Discipline Construction. In 2008, Ancient Chinese History was awarded Henan Key Discipline. In 2009, Modern Chinese History course was rated as the Provincial Top-Quality Course, and the Discipline of History the characteristic discipline.

Among the 32 professional teachers, 17 are full or associate professors. Since 2002, the school has presided and completed 36 programs of various levels, and among them, 3 are National Social Science Foundation Programs, 7 Provincial programs, 16 monographs, and 4 textbooks. Over 200 articles are published in public in important journals at home and aboard. Great achievements have made on the studies on the oracle and civilization of Yin Shang, and Yuan Shikai and Northern Warlords Society, which has influenced the academic circle to a large degree.

The School attaches great attention to open schooling and academic communication, and has hosted international seminars on the oracle and civilization of Yin Shang, as well as Yuan Shikai and Northern Warlords Society. We have invited many scholars to give lectures from America, Canada, Japan, and so on. Meanwhile, our scholars and professors have also been invited to attend academic communications and investigations many times.

Main courses for History Majors
Ancient Chinese History, Modern Chinese History, Contemporary Chinese History, History of People’s Republic of China, Ancient World History, Modern World History before 1917, Modern World History after 1917, and Contemporary World History.

Main courses for Sociology Majors
Introduction to Sociology, Western Sociological Theories, Sociological Research Methods, Applied Sociology, Introduction to Social Policy, Social Psychology, Sociology of Development, and Social Statistics.

Main courses for Social Work Majors
Introduction to Sociology, Social Investigation Principles and Methods, Introduction to Social Work, Social Psychology, Social Statistics, Family Social Work, Social Work with Vulnerable Groups, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Development, Organizational Sociology, Introduction to Community Management, and Social Security System in the West.

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