School of Educational Science

The School of Educational ScienceúČits predecessor named the Department of Education,  was founded in September in 2001. It consists of teaching and research institutes such as Psychology, Pedagogy, Education Administration, Public Educational Theories Teaching and Research Office and Psychological Laboratory etc. The Psychology Lab was acknowledged as one of the first qualified labs at the provincial level in June, 2002.

The School of Educational Science now have a teaching staff of 49 full-time teachers, among whom there are 4 professors, 16 associate professors, 16 lecturers, among whom eight  have doctorates and 31 a Master’s Degree, 2 tutors of postgraduates, 2  awarded the Zeng Xianzi Excellent Teacher Award, 3 awarded Young Teachers of Enormous Asset at the provincial level, 1 was awarded Model Teacher of the provincial level, 3 awarded Leading Scholars of Key Subjects in the University and 2 awarded Teachers of Enormous Asset in the University.

With a very good academic environment, the school has made a lot of achievements in teaching and the research field ever since it was founded. Teachers in the school have undertaken or participated in 4 research projects at the state and provincial level, 24 projects at department level. In total 213 academic papers and 9 theses and teaching materials have been published, among which 52 were in key Chinese publications.  Teachers in our school won 23 prizes above department level. Also, 12 programs of provincial level, department level and school level were carried out; 3 teaching and research results passed province level probation, among which 2 won the first prize of research achievement at the University level and one of them won the second prize of provincial level. The Basic Theory Specialized Committee, Anyang Psychology Association and Psychological Sanitation Education and Consultation Center of Anyang Normal University are attached to our school.

Specialized Subjects
Applied Psychology
Elementary School Education
Pre-School Education
Public Affair Management

Core Courses
(1) Pedagogy
Principles of Education
History of Education in China and Foreign Countries
Educational Psychology
Curriculum and Teaching Methodology
General Psychology
Pedagogic Research Approaches
(2) Applied Psychology
General Psychology
Development and Education Psychology
Experimental Psychology, Psychological Statistics
Measurement Psychology
Psychological Consultation and Guidance
(3) Elementary School Education
Educational Principle
History of Education
Elementary School Chinese Language Teaching Methodology Elementary Math Teaching Methodology
Educational Science Research Methodology
(4) Pre-school Education
Pre-school Pedagogy,
Pediatric Psychology
Game Theory and Guidance
History of Education
General Education
Kindergarten Management
Nutrition and Nursing of Infants
(5) Public Utility Management
Principles of Management
Management Psychology
School Management
History of Education in China and Foreign Countries
General Pedagogy
Educational Psychology
Educational Science of Educational Law

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