School of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Founded in 2004, the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture now offers three disciplines in civil engineering, project management, and architecture. At present, the school has 28 professional teachers, 70% of whom have received their Master’s Degree. 984 students are studying in the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Influenced by the school’s serious and sincere attitude toward research and study, students from the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture are always on the top in the university examination for mathematics, as well as the CET-4 and CET-6. Both in 2008 and 2009, more than 30% students passed the entrance examination for graduate studies. And all of our graduates found satisfactory jobs.
Civil Engineering
This discipline aims to foster high-level qualified, overall-developed and innovative talents, who are fit for the requirements of the modern construction of socialism and master the basic theories and fundamental knowledge of civil engineering. The graduates will work in the design institutes, research institutes, colleges, governments, construction enterprises, engineering supervision companies, consulting companies, undertaking tasks such as project design, implementation, management, research, education, investment and development.

Major courses:
Civil Engineering Drawing, Theoretical Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Structural Mechanics, Soil Mechanics and Foundation, Civil Engineering Materials, Concrete Structures, Steel structure, Masonry structure, Building Architecture, Budget of Project, Surveying, Civil Engineering Construction
Duration: after four years’ study, students will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree for Engineering
Engineering Management
This discipline aims to foster the innovative talents for advanced engineering management who master the civil engineering techniques, and are familiar with the fundamental knowledge relevant to project management, economics and law. The graduates can work in construction enterprises, design institutes, engineering supervision companies, real estate companies, and companies focused on investment and finance to undertake tasks relevant to engineering management, or work in government, teaching or research institutes.
Major courses: Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Structure, Civil Engineering Construction, Economics, Engineering Economics, Fundamentals of Management, Principles of Accounting, Operations Research, Engineering Estimation, Project Management, Inspection of Project Construction, Construction Laws and Regulations.
Duration: After four years’ study, students will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Management.
This discipline aims to foster high-level qualified professional architects who are innovative in mind and capable of architectural planning and design. The students are required to be innovative in mind, capable of design and expression, and rich in knowledge. After graduation, students will either pursue further education or take a job. Most of them will work in architecture design institutes to undertake tasks of architectural design or research, or dealing in management and development of urban buildings.
Major courses: Architectural Design Basics, architectural design, Architectural Graphics, History of Chinese Architecture, Foreign Architectural History, Principles of Urban Planning, Construction Mechanics, Building Structure and Selection, Building construction
Duration: After five years’ study, students will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

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