School of Education Information Technology and Communication

School of Education Information Technology and Communication, whose predecessor was Modern Educational Technology Center of Anyang Normal University, was named the Educational Technology Department when it was founded in 2002 and got its present name in March 2009.

The school now has a teaching staff of 22 people, including 2 professors and 3 associate professors. 83% of the teaching staff has a Master’s Degree. With over 400 students on campus, the school has three major orientations for graduate education, namely Education Technology, Education Software, Radio and Television Program Edition and Production. The school has 8 specialized laboratories such as television camera lab, non-linear editing lab, Television Media lab, Multi-media PPT Composing lab, Television Studio, Photography and Lighting lab, Multi-media Teaching System lab, Digital Web Courses Video and Play Lab. The whole value of the teaching apparatus is over 5.4 million yuan.

Teachers in this school have published over 150 academic papers, 10 of which were published in key publications in China or foreign countries or in proceedings of international academic conventions and 2 in SCI and EI. In addition, 11 theses have been published. More than 20 scientific research projects have been carried out, among which 2 were projects at the provincial level.  The school has been actively developing academic exchange and cooperation. In recent years, the school has established a cooperative and exchange relationship with more than ten universities including Beijing University, Wu Han University, Hua Zhong Normal Unviersity, Nanjing Normal University and North-West Normal University.

Main Courses of Education Technology:
Education Science
Information Technology Teaching Methodology
Design and Development of Corporation Training Courses
Science and Technology of Learning
Educational Communication
Educational Technology Research Methodology
Educational System Design
Introduction to Educational Technology

Main courses of Radio Television Editing and Production:
Introduction to Art 
Modern Chinese Literature
Television Communication Theories   
Television Lighting Art
Introduction to Radio and Television   
History of Movies in China and Foreign Countries
TV Program editing   
Feature Program Creation
Film and TV Program Planning     
Art of Photography
Photographic Technology and Art   
Non-linear Editing
Cinematographic and television Work Analysis

Main Courses of Educational Software
Educational Game Design and Development 
Digitalization of Campus Programming and Enforcement
Long-distance Education Application
Educational Software Engineering
Education Dissemination
Educational Technology Research Methodology
Teaching System Design
Introduction to Educational Technology

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