School of Economics

The predecessor of School of Economics of Anyang Normal University is the Department of Economics and Trade which was founded in March, 2005. It changed its name to School of Economics in March, 2009. In September, 2005, School of Economics officially enrolled 200 undergraduate students who were majoring in International Economics and Trade and Finance. School of Economics increased a new subject-- Logistics Management in 2006. At present, there are three subjects-- International Economics and Trade, Finance and Logistics Management and up to now over 1,035 students registered in the School of Economics. The School of Economics consists of three staff rooms and has built a Rural Economic Institute.

Presently the School of Economics has 30 members, among them 25 are full-time teachers and 5 are full-time or part-time administrative personnel. There are 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 3 senior economists, 4 doctors (three of them are PhD candidates), 21 masters. And one of them got the honor of backbone of the provincial middle-aged teacher and one is the winner of Tsang Hin-chi Education Foundation Prize. The School of Economics has 2 labs, 100 computers which can meet the requirements of Simulation teaching of International Economics and Trade, Finance and Logistics Management. The library of the School of Economics also has more than 2,000 professional books and 100 Chinese and Foreign Periodicals. The teaching and research conditions have been improved remarkably.

1. Finance
Training Direction: cultivating specialized talents who have developed overall development in morality, intellect, physical training and aesthetics, have a good mastery of financial knowledge and theories, and have capacities of business practices, financial management as well as teaching and research.

Main Courses:
Money and Banking
International Finance
Financial Market
Central Banking
Operation and Management for Commercial Bank
Security Analysis and Investment
International Settlement
Investment Bank Theory and Practice
Management of International Finance
Financial Engineering
Western Economics
International Economics
Science of Financial Law

2. International Economics and Trade
Training Direction: cultivating specialized talents who have a good mastery of basic knowledge and theories and are familiar with the basic rules of The World Trade Organization (WTO), international trade practices and foreign trade policies and regulations, with the ability to do research and management work.

Main Courses:
International Economics
International Trade
International Trade Practice
International Finance
International Settlement
Money and Banking
International Economic Law
3. Logistics Management
Training Direction: cultivating senior modern logistics management talents who have a good mastery of basic knowledge of Management, Economics and Information Technology and are familiar with the rules and regulations, and master the modern logistics management theory, means and methods of information systems, and have the operational skills of logistics management, planning and design.

Main Courses
Principles of Economics
Principles of Management
Introductory Logistics
Marketing Management
Warehouse Management and Distribution
 Logistics Information Technology and Management
Operation and Management for Enterprise Logistics
Financial Management
Production and Operation Management...
Supply Chain Management
General Theory of Electronic Commerce
Inventory Control
International Cargo Transportation and InsuranceĦĦ

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