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Anyang Normal University is a province-managed institution of higher learning accredited by the Ministry of Education. It is located in Anyang£¬ a city with a long history and splendid culture, of Henan Province in Central China.

As one of the eight ancient Chinese capitals, Anyang City is the hometown of Oracle Bone Inscriptions and the Book of Changes. Settling here are Yin Ruins, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, and the National Museum of Chinese Characters that both reveal part of the long and remarkable history of the country.

Anyang Normal University covers a total area of 1,330,000 square meters, and a construction area of more than 767,000 square meters. Most of the school’s equipments round up to about 100,000,000 RMB worth in insurance value. Its well-visited Yifu Library houses a collection of 1,850,000 volumes of books.

At present, Anyang Normal University offers 1 graduate program and  56 undergraduate programs, with a 23,000 full-time student population coming from various cities and provinces in the country. Indeed, the university continuously struggles in giving quality education and in delivering a wider scope of services.

The whole work force of Anyang Normal University comprises over 1,300 staff members, among whom are 103 professors and more than 639 instructors with doctoral degree and masteral degree. In recent years, 33 instructors were credited for being the outstanding models of the teaching profession in the provincial and national level. In addition, 15 teachers got Zeng Xian Zi Award, and 44 were awarded as the provincial creative talents, core teachers, academic leaders, and lead teachers. 21 instructors have been invited to be the legal academic advisers to some doctoral graduates and post-graduates in several famous universities in the country.

Anyang Normal University has 23 schools and centers. They are School of Chinese Language and Literature, School of Political Science and Law, School of History and Social Development, School of Foreign Languages, School of Music, School of Fine Arts, School of Mathematics and Statistics, School of Computer and Information Engineering, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, School of Physical Education, School of Resource Environment and Tourism, School of Educational Science, School of Physics and Electrical Engineering, School of Information Technology and Communication, School of Business Administration, School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, School of Economics, School of International Education and Communication, Teaching Center of Ideological and Political Theory Courses, Public Teaching Center of Computer Skills, School of Further Education, School of Software, and Five-year Program Education Center .

The university has always been focusing on talent cultivation. It pays special attention to coordinating students’ development in knowledge, ability and quality, advocating the training of practical skills, and cultivating of creativity. The quality of graduates is marked by an impressing continuous improvement. There is one state-sponsored subject site, three provincial special major sites, one provincial teaching group, two provincial experiment teaching demonstration center, and five provincial high-quality courses.

The university is among the first batch of Chinese characters demonstration schools of Henan Province. Its research units are as follows: Humanities and Social Science Research Center of the Education Department of Henan Province, Provincial University Key Laboratory Establishing Base, and Anyang Research Center of Medicine and Chemical Engineering.

Anyang Normal University is transparent in terms of its development through various academic and social activities. These are visible through the institute’s academic journals: Yindu Journal and Journal of Anyang Normal University. The former, one of the leading periodicals in Henan Province, has been awarded the title of “100 Best National Humanity Journals” for 5 consecutive years, and has been published in as many as ten countries and areas.

Cooperative relations have been built with over 20 higher education institutions from the USA, Japan, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. The national government’s project to popularize Chinese language internationally, “Chinese Culture in Yin and Shang Dynasty and the origin of Chinese Characters”, is being undertaken in Anyang Normal University.

Anyang Normal University has a high reputation and good influence among the similar universities at home. It is the Director-General Unit of the Association of Regional Colleges and Universities. In 2004, an “Appraisal Report on Comprehensive Competency of Universities in China” on China Youth Daily showed that the teaching proficiency of Anyang Normal University seats at the 147th among 487 universities. In January 2007, Anyang Normal University was listed as one of the “fastest developing universities” since 2003 in an “Appraisal Report on Universities in China”.

In the recent years, many titles had been awarded to the institution, such as “Provincial Model Unit”, “Provincial Model University”, “Advanced Unit of Campus Cultural Construction in Henan Province”, “Awards for Higher Education Institution Recruiting Consultation”, and “Advanced Unit in National College Student’s Social Activities in Summer Vacation.”

In November 2007, the university successfully passed the teaching level assessment on undergraduate education by the Ministry of Education. Anyang Normal University insists on scientific and fast development, and centers on the construction of academic disciplines and new campus, optimizes the university’s structure, develops special features, strengthens the innovation system, and enlarges the policy of openness. It is located in central China where it faces the nation and prepares for the world. We believe Anyang Normal University will have a bright future!


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